2016 Tri-Quest Event Winners

Three Person Corporate Team (Division 1)                              Run            Bike        Golf

Wells Fargo Advisors Josh Fortun La Crosse, WI 41(1) Robin Swartz La Crecent, MN 00:59:12.50(3) Clayton Camic La Crosse, WI 00:24:37.70(2)

Two Person Male Team 50 - 59 (Division 6) Run Bike Golf
Bruha/Rodriguez Abel Rodriguez La Crosse, WI 00:22:19.10(2) 00:59:17.30(2) 43(2) Paul Bruha La Crosse, WI 00:29:03.70(2) 01:23:02.50(2) 43(2)

Overall Two Person Male Team - All Ages (Divisions 2-7) Run Bike Golf
TASRAT John Ratkovich Glen Ellyn, IL 00:22:57.70(1) 00:59:15.10(1) 41(1) Tim Schertz Naperville, IL 00:18:51.40(1) 00:55:48.90(1) 41(1)

Overall Two Person Female Team - All Ages (Divisions 8-13) Run Bike Golf
Dahl/Peterson Kim Dahl La Crosse, WI 00:24:44.30(1) 01:15:35.10(1) 54(1) Maria Peterson Onalaska, WI 00:27:10.80(1) 01:12:08.90(1) 54(1)

Individual Male 30 - 39 (Division 22) Run Bike Golf
Lane Peters Lane Peters Holmen, WI 00:29:02.90(2) 01:17:27.60(2) 56(2)

Individual Male 40 - 49 (Division 23) Run Bike Golf
Gobel Matt Gobel Onalaska, WI 00:22:22.00(1) 00:58:48.10(1) 61(1)

Individual Male 60 and Over (Division 25) Run Bike Golf
Ziebarth Paul Ziebarth Madison, WI 00:33:48.00(1) 01:15:04.00(1) 49(1)

Overall Individual Male - All Ages (Divisions 20-25) Run Bike Golf
Kyle Peters Kyle Peters Waverly, IA 00:22:25.00(2) 01:05:51.80(2) 53(2)

Four Person Coed Team (Division 32) Run Bike Golf
Worst Pace Scenario Kate Keaveny La Crosse, WI 01:15:24.60(1) 04:01:43.50(1) 37(1) Holli Ludlow La Crosse, WI Matt Ludlow La Crosse, WI Marc Keaveny Minneapolis, MN

Four Person Female Team (Division 33) Run Bike Golf
Dominatrix Tracy Clark La Crosse, WI 01:22:32.30(1) 03:52:54.50(1) 40(2) Jennifer Roupe La Crosse, WI Lynn Sauter La Crosse, WI Lisa Swanson La Crosse, WI

Four Person Male Team (Division 34) Run Bike Golf
Swanson/Nelson/Roupe Charlie Nelson La Crosse, WI 01:06:07.70(1) 02:57:31.10(1) 35(1) Cory Roupe La Crosse, WI Tracy Tobin La Crosse, WI Dirk Swanson La Crosse, WI

Three Person Relay Team (Division 35) Run Bike Golf
Beer By Bike Brigade Allen Swift La Crosse, WI 39(1) Jared Shimon Hokah, MN 00:31:04.10(1) Mark Flottmeyer La Crosse, WI 01:33:05.60(2)

Notes: - The number in parentheses next to the times and scores indicates the rank or position within the indicated division or group of divisions. - Ranking of run times and bike times for two person teams is done on the total times for the team. - Four person team run time is the total of the best three times. - Four person team bike time is the total of the best three times.